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Image by Hannah Busing

Caring for Humanity

We care for those who do not know how to care for themselves


About Us

We are a diverse group who have come together for a common goal; improving the lives of others who are in need of medical care and cannot afford it.




Our opioid treatment project is unique and built upon over a decade of research and development to mitigate the desire for the drug.




An individual working alone can only accomplish so much; but a group or team can produce far more. We partner with companies and people on our various projects and initiatives because it brings expertise and resources to the problem we alone might not have been able to develop.


Caring for Humanity offers several investment opportunities to offset the reliance on donations.

Diversity Students

Our Mission

We are an Arizona non-profit 501 C (3) corporation that has developed an expansive alternative to present addiction protocols and drug rehabilitation programs. Our focus is primarily on teenagers and young adults.

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