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Caring for Humanity offers several investment opportunities to offset the reliance on donations. For inquiries, please contact us.


Caring for Humanity’s greenhouse healing project is Violet Green, which is a for-profit limited liability company. We organized this venture to allow for investor participation to provide a mechanism for organic growth not exclusively reliant upon the donation process. Utilizing this framework allows the nonprofit to benefit from a far greater reach fueled by investor capital.

Caring for Humanity also has an electronic recycling project called Tree of Life. We have organized an Arizona Limited Liability Company called Clean Green Planet, LLC. We realized it would be more efficient to partner with experienced people who can handle the refurbishing and resale of the recycled devices. Through an ownership interest in Clean Green Planet, Caring for Humanity will benefit from that process in a manner far greater than it could operating on its own, allowing it to derive revenue to promote its good work and not become burdened by the overhead and managerial issues of a growing concern.

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