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Violet Green

Greenhouse Healing

The drug of choice for teenagers and young adults is opioids. They utilize Snapchat to deal them to their peers. In designing our program we spent time listening to these young adults. One young man reported his efforts at getting clean at first involved a stint in a halfway house where each and every other resident offered him drugs. We designed a much better way; we plan to build around a solar powered geothermal greenhouse to provide jobs, careers, and a future.

Recognizing the most efficient manner of raising  capital is reaching to investors and so Caring For Humanity owns 50% of Violet Green and will be partnering with select investors to scale the operation and ensure its future.

Prescription Drugs

The Problem

Opioid addiction is an epidemic that is devastating teenagers and young adults 


The Old Way

75-90% of drug rehabilitation programs fail, creating a recycle of rehab and relapse.

Image by Raychan

Our Way

We aim to provide an expansive alternative to traditional programs through our greenhouse project and medical research into restoring normal brain function.

Basic Science of Opioid Crisis
Violet Green

What you can do​

We welcome help in whatever form you can provide, from volunteering to working in our treatment endeavors. 
Everyone has expertise in something; blending these things together creates a cohesion that advances our work.
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