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Tree of Life

Electronic Recycling

Some of us worked with a small cell phone company and over the years helped it grow and expand into other areas. We became concerned with the sheer volume of  e-waste (electronic waste) and wondered what we could do. We decided many decline the request for a monetary donation but very few ever decline to give you their old used electronics which we refurbish, recycle, and direct the proceeds to our endeavors.

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Why We Are Different

We have designed and developed an effective method of dealing with opioid addictions while providing jobs and careers for teenagers and young adults that are in need of a second chance. We think in realistic terms focusing on the expedient cost-effective means of accomplishing our mission.


What We Collect

  • Cell phones

  • iPods/iPads

  • Desktop or laptop computers

  • Keyboards

  • Monitors

  • VCRs/DVD/Blu-ray players

  • Hard drives


Research On e-Plastic

359 million tons of plastic were created in 2019. The feedstock (building blocks) is petroleum products and natural gas. It is estimated that plastic will degrade in 400 years; of course no one can verify that, yet. The electronics used today are encased in some form of plastic. Recycling in the United states never included devising ways of recycling or melting down the plastic so that it can be used in a new product.

We are actively researching ways to productively utilize plastic and thereby reduce carbon, landfills, and toxicity.

What you can do​

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We welcome help in whatever form you can provide, from volunteering to working in our recycling endeavors. 
Everyone has expertise in something; blending these things together creates a cohesion that advances our work.  You can also donate your unused computer, cell phone, or devise.