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Research and Development

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

We are a diverse group comprised of many talents and expertise who share a common goal and are continually researching, developing, and investigating new endeavors to ensure the success of our projects. We are actively involved in a variety of research projects; one of our members has developed a simple technology that makes residential a/c units and evaporative coolers operate 20% more efficiently, which we anticipate will have a tangible impact on homeowners' carbon foot print. We realize discoveries come about in often unpredictable ways, such as with these two inventors:

Fionn Ferreira

In 2019 he won the Google Science Fair and an award at the Intel International Science and Engineering fair for creating an effective method of removing microplastics from water by utilizing vegetable oil and rust powder. 




In 2013 he founded a non-profit foundation, The Ocean Cleanup, after developing a system to extract and recycle plastic waste from the ocean. His inventions are being deployed as of mid 2020 to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

We noted in many cases the manner in which research is funded creates a disconnect between the results of good research and a real world solution. We aggregated a library of opioid addiction research and utilized it to design and implement protocols to mitigate the desire for the drug which is the epicenter of the addiction cycle. In these times we noted many patients expressing feeling anxious without attributing it to a specific event or cause. We began a project delving into the nature of consciousness and how it relates to perception. this led to an inquiry of the brain's function and a testing protocol that very directly indicates imbalances that affect one's well being. These things open the door to more effective treatment protocols. Our opioid treatment project is unique and build upon over a decade of research and development.
We are also actively involved in recycling electronic waste to lessen the carbon footprint and proved jobs and careers. We are focused on a reasonable purpose for used plastic.
Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Knowledge is of that whichwe know; whereas, imagination is of things that might come to be if we seek the solution. The solution is at the intersection of imagination and reality. For these reasons, we never close the door on any idea until it has been thoroughly considered. 
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