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Intelligent Metrics

Applying Metrics to Enhance Profitability

Intelligent Metrics operates at the intersection of digital representations and the real world applications precisely applying digitally generated metrics to real world problems. Our data company is run by several or our members and is built around identifying inefficient, improper, or fraudulent practices. Improper or fraudulent activities have exploded with the increasing reliance upon internet based protocols. The average bank robbery nets the robber $4,330.00; whereas digital thieves stole $81,000,000 belonging to the Central Bank of Bangladesh. The average bank robber is usually caught, which is not the case with internet miscreants. This is the nature of these times and the company's focus.

Intelligent Metrics has developed programs and protocols to help health care companies and insurance carriers to identify fraudulent claims and other improper activities. It designs efficient processes to assist companies in finding a more feasible effective mode of operation blending the digital component together with the physical reality of the company's business activities. Often business operations existed prior to the introduction of computerized programs which can create an inefficient process that ultimately saps efficiency, profitability, and can facilitate fraudulent activity. We are focused on providing the very best alternatives for the client in the most efficient manner.

We believe research is the precursor to any endeavor. Intelligent metrics has worked with Caring for Humanity to develop a better mode of operating wherein the nonprofit operates like a for profit company in that it explores avenues to create revenue which transcends the donation process. Arriving at a self-funding mode of operation frees the nonprofit to focus on its good works as opposed to spending inordinate time raising donations.

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